Creative Programming WS 2020/21

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Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung, Linz
Art and Education

Lecturer: Andreas Pirchner
Winter semester 2020/2021

p5 sketches

A collection of p5-sketches for the course can be found here: Collection.

Course Overview

Lecture 1 (06.10.2020): Interaction, Avatars & Obstacles
Variables, Branching, Arrays, Functions

Lecture 2 (13.10.2020): Know your Enemies
Objects, Iterations, external Libraries, working with images, collision detection

Lecture 3 (24.11.2020): Ways of Worldmaking: Procedural Environments
Randomness, Perlin Noise, Sound

Lecture 4 (15.12.2020): Objects to Collect and Objects to Avoid

Lecture 5 (19.01. 2021): The time of your life Counters, timelines, scores.